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Ryan McBride; President

   Suicide is the tenth highest cause of death in the United States, but is often overlooked or is considered too sensitive  to talk about. I know a lot of people have mixed opinions of the subject, but I personally have always had the question of "Why?". I have yet to talk to someone about this without them saying they either know someone whom took their own life or know someone who's family member and/or close friend took their own life.

   In 2008, my brother unfortunately made the decision to take his own life. The day after his death, my family and I decided we wanted to have a benefit concert in Colton's memory to celebrate his life. Two weeks after his passing, we had the 1st Annual Colton McBride Sunday Funday Jam. The following year, we started a charity golf tournament; The Colton McBride Sunday Funday Classic and eventually decided to form the Colton McBride Memorial, Inc.; a non-profit organization that raises funds in his name for suicide prevention.

Ryan McBride; President

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A bit of Info on the Foundation:

After the first year, we started a charity golf tournament, The Colton McBride Sunday Funday Classic, and eventually formed Colton McBride Memorial Inc., a Non-profit organization.


The first three years all proceeds from these events went to providing scholarship money to well deserving student athletes at Boswell H.S. in Saginaw, Texas, where Colton went to school. The last five years we’ve made the decision to start giving the proceeds to the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Tarrant County Loss Team, an organization to help prevent suicide and provide free counseling to survivors of suicide.

The LOSS Team of Tarrant County supports people who have lost someone to suicide. Their direct number is 817-733-9123. Click Here for more information about the Tarrant County Loss Team and the services they provide.


Your Contributions Matter:

Thanks to everyone for your contributions to the Colton McBride Memorial!  We have been able to raise over $145,000 for Mental Health America of Greater Tarrant County.  This organization works tirelessly to help those in need and we are proud to be a donor to this great cause.  Again, thank you to everyone for your support.

Click here to view past year's donation photos the LOSS Team

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