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Vorice R. Perryman • Crisis Program Manager • LOSS Team: MHMR Tarrant County

"While we have great successes in the prevention and treatment of suicide, the reality is this tragedy still occurs far too often.  When a suicide occurs in Tarrant County, our Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS) Team reaches out to family, friends, and the community of those who have been impacted by the death to provide support, care, resources and grief counseling when appropriate.  There is stigma surrounding conversations about suicide and the LOSS Team, at times, may be the only support available. “The LOSS Team was there for when my family was not.  I was shocked when strangers reached out to me when I felt as though my family was ignoring the situation.  As a survivor, I have been able to learn about resources in the community and have been able to attend individual therapy.  I attend a support group and the LOSS Team continues to check on me”. – LOSS Team Survivor   



FYI- LOSS Team was featured in the MHMR Behavioral Health Bi-weekly newsletter. Thought I would share this success story with the team!


Thanks everyone for your hard work and continued dedication to the team!"

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